Dear stranger, I believe in your story, what you have passed through. I am proud of you, because I know, survival is a reward itself. I am glad that you have survived, you are alive within. Trust me, I have realized, every breath is a gift of life. I believe in the power of dreaming, the power of resilience. By nature, I am a dreamer, a seeker. And now, I have started my journey towards self-love and self-discovery, absolutely in my own way. After facing a chain of failures, now I want to script the success in my own words. And I wish the same for you. I want to hear your story, I want to write about you.  Whenever you desire to speak to a friend miles away waiting to hear your story, I am always there for you. Write to me at

Here is a happier life full of dreams, hope, and light.

Bon voyage!