Ruins & The Empire

India, as the history tells us, has seen numerous prehistoric settlements & societies on the banks of the many rivers that feed the vast lands of the subcontinent. And while there some spectacular caves in India dating back to as early as 6000 BC, historians & archaelogists have been able to find ancient lost cities only as old as 3700 BC. Some of these ancient cities in India gave to the world the earliest planned settlements and the religions of Hinduism, Jainism, & Buddhism.

While not all have been discovered, many lost cities in India have been found & excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Like humans, cities are mortal. They are born, they thrive, and they eventually die. Over the course of human history, an astonishing number of cities and towns have been lost, destroyed, submerged, and abandoned.

The mysterious, and often beautiful, ruins of these lost cities have sparked the imaginations of millions of travellers, history buffs and treasure seekers all across the world.

In this category, I will revive all the lost stories of the ruins and the Empire, as into the ruins, I find, another story to tell..