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Finding Positivity in Your Hard Time

When we are going through the hard time, life seems miserable despite having all the things we wish. This happened to me in the last month. June was a month when my world turned upside down, once again and I felt broken completely. This time, I felt like, I would never succeed to rise again. This is not the first time I felt broken. I have been broken from inside many times before that. Every time I fell and broke, I managed to rise again. But, this time, it took me long to accept the reality and getting myself ready to let go of the past. Until I did it, I was unable to move on in life. Gradually, after fighting hard with my own self, I made myself understand that whatever I lost will never come back to me. What I didn’t find will never come to my life. Whatever I didn’t receive, it was not for me. Rather, I should focus on what I have, now. I should count my blessings and find …

A Song, A Musing, and Colours Of The Dusk

Sun rahi hoon sudh budh kho ke, koi main kahani, Puri kahani hai kya, kise hai pata.. I was standing in the balcony. The sunset sky looked beautiful. Thousands of shimmering hues were playing hide and seek there, and amazed with the sublime beauty of the dusk, I was humming this song. While looking back to the road I have travelled so far, this song flashed in my mirror of heart. Something is magical in this golden hour, for sure. It reminds what you have left behind, how you were fooled for your innocence, how you slipped away your heart for someone who never cared and you didn’t welcome the love you truly deserved. “What if, I have followed my heart’s call, for once?” you whisper. And then, you feel a dumb pain inside, your eyes get wet.  Again, this hour reminds you how far you have come, travelling all alone. How strong you have always been to move on. Despite the circumstances, you stood strong. Defeating all the obstacles, finally, you won. This is …


14th May, 6:30 AM, Banaras “Everything ends here”, the boatman whispered. I was having an early morning ride in the river. We reached to the famous Manikarnika ghat. A man set fire on the funeral pyre. My heart became heavy after witnessing such a ceremony. It reminded me the most forgetful truth of life. “But, it’s also true, a new journey starts here”, he said, again. I turned back to him, but he kept gazing at the blazing fire. He continued, “The soul departs for a new journey, leaving this cage of the body alone. But, the journey, never ends, until the soul is liberated to the eternity. Here in Banaras, we believe, departure is a new beginning, too.” I turned my eyes to the river, where a flock of birds was flying, carefree, liberated. Our boat ride continued, but his words kept humming as an echo in my ears, “The journey never ends..“