“We all have a story sleeping inside us. Wake it up.” 

Sometimes mother, sometimes daughter. Sometimes sister, sometimes a friend, a lover. A hater, a sinner. Who is a woman? She is ‘Shakti’, the power within. She is the light that guides a child from his birth towards his growing life, she is the shelter that gives many a lives a peaceful destination. She plays thousands roles together. Sometimes she dances with the rhythm of heart, sometimes she sings with the song of her soul. She is a princess of her father, she is the queen of her soulmate. Who am I?, often she wonders. At the end of the day, she finds her answer, she is a warrior. Scars make her more beautiful than her diamond necklace. When the battle ends, when the longest nightmare escapes into a splendid daybreak, she embraces the morning glory, and the first ray of the Sun adorns her with the crown of triumph. She has no time to look back. Riding her horse, she comes to her place of solitude. She stops, and comes down of her horse. Watching her empire from the highest peak of the mountain, she starts to write the story of her own. She names it, 

She Story- Fairy tale of her own..