Letters Of Light

Dear seeker of light,

This is for you. These letters, these words, all belong to you. One day, I was at your place, wondering for the light all over. After seeking for long, I realized, the light resides inside us. We search for the light outside, but the truth is, it is always there, in our heart. We just can’t see it. We step out our home for the quest, unaware of the fact that all the answers lie within. We forget to journey within. As I was revealed to this biggest truth of life, I decided to write about it. For you, sending you my words of hope, of dream. One day, having a sleepless night and being an insomniac for days, I was seeking for some light, staring at the night sky. Alone, hearing the sound of silence. I asked the universe something, and she replied me in a phenomenal way. As if, we wrote a poem together. I asked, “What if, this journey become endless?”, and she replied,

Someday, a moment will come, to gift you some light. There will be someone, holding a handful of stardust, offering you to have them all. What would you do, then? The dreadful night will leave you behind, with the remnants of the scariest nightmare, unveiling you to the first light. At the last stroke of the night, your ancestor will be the darkness, and, you will be, the mother of light.

There will be a whisper,

“Hold the light, with your all. This is the light you were seeking for so long. Embrace it.”

What would you do, soul? Perhaps, you will turn the light into some precious droplets of smile, peace, and love.

You will be, bearer of the light.

That moment, I decided to write for you, seeker. I want to send love and light to you through these letters. Read a letter at a time, and I believe, somewhere in the universe, a lamp would be kindled. May be in some corner of the world, may be, inside your pious heart.

Sending you some petals of love and a handful of stardust,

A dreamer by heart,

A seeker by soul.

So stay tuned, I am coming with lots of letters of light, only for you, seeker.