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Our Mantra: Pause. Breathe. Heal.

We believe in a simple mantra to cherish a beautiful life.  Pause. Breathe. Heal. Chant these three words slowly, peacefully. You will feel breeze of a serene morning in your mind. Gradually, a blissful tranquility will surround you. Have a little pause from the chaotic life, breathe a little deeper, and heal your mind and soul. Embrace the light within. Pause Take a pause from this chaotic journey of life. Forget chaos, forget noise, forget about the destination for this instance. O’ traveller of life, Pause. Breathe Inhale the joy and beauty of the little things around you. Inhale the beauties, the calmness around you. Inhale all the positive vibes and exhale all the negative vibes. Breathe, a little deeper. Heal Embrace the aura of positiveness. Find the light in you. Heal your body, heal your mind.

‘VAIDIK’, A Blog Dedicated To Life & Light

‘VAIDIK’ is a blog dedicated to life and light. It’s sole purpose is to provide some mindful writings, quotes and artworks to enlighten your life. We live life in simple terms. While being busy in doing important tasks of life, we forget to stop and stare to life’s beautiful little things. We miss the charm and beauty they hold for us! Sometimes, all we need is to enjoy these little things and find the inner meaning they deliver to us. Here, I am coming with my writings, quotes and artworks woven with essence of spirituality, positive vibes and mindfulness. In today’s world, Mental Health matters a lot! I have been suffering from some mental health issues, for years. Meanwhile, I discovered my true passion and purpose of life. All of us need healing. And I found, Spirituality helps in healing our soul. It has the power to recollect your broken pieces and arrange them to make a newer self of you! Together, they make our life a perfect one. ‘VAIDIK’ is the place where you …

The Guru And The Holy Trinity

Om Sthapakaya Cha Dharmasya Sarva Dharma Swaroopine Avathara Varishthaya Sri Ramakrishnaya Te Namah Sri Sri Ramakrishna Sharanam I dedicate this blog to the lotus feet of my Guru Maharaj and to the lotus feet of the holy trio: Sri Sri Thakur Ramakrishna Paramhamsadev, Sri Sri Sarada Maa and Swami Vivekananda. With the divine grace, I begin my journey towards spreading love and light to lives of millions. This place is my smile, and hope. My love, and beloved. My dream, and dreamer. My life, and light. Everything, and beyond. Here I begin to write ‘The Vaidik Journal’.