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All Of Me

This soul belongs to a seeker, and this heart, to a dreamer. This is me. All of me. For me, every moment is an autobiography. I write a chapter each day, and share a slice of my life, in every piece inscribed. May be sometimes, the pen becomes the only way to express the unspoken, and I love to ink the tale of my becoming. It’s fierce, and I love to be a flame. Yet, sometimes I feel, this delicate soul is soft and serene, like a prayer flag, amidst the field of red. ~~~ 1st March, 2020 Somewhere in Bengal I was walking on the road alone. The morning was filled with peace and tranquility. The spring breeze was carrying the scent of Krishnachura blossoms. The red flowers beside the road were looking beautiful. Somewhere, the splendors dissolved in me. Spring is the season of falling in love, they say, and I fall in love with me, each day, in a new way. I find myself evolving around metamorphosis. Since the day I breathed …

Goddess Of The Light

[The soul is lying in the darkness. Homeless, like an orphan. It’s wandering, searching for the light. Unaware of the glory ahead, it’s lost, somewhere in the dark, somewhere, in the abyss of darkness. At this unreal hour, at the last stroke of the night, a light appears. Here awakes, goddess of the light.] Someday, a moment will come, to gift you some light. There will be someone, holding a handful of stardust, offering you to have them all. What would you do, then? The dreadful night will leave you behind, with the remnants of the scariest nightmare, unveiling you to the first light. At the last stroke of the night, your ancestor will be the darkness, and, you will be, the mother of light. There will be a whisper, “Hold the light, with your all. This is the light you were seeking for so long. Embrace it.” What would you do, soul? Perhaps, you will turn the light into some precious droplets of smile, peace, and love. You will be, bearer of the light.


14th May, 6:30 AM, Banaras “Everything ends here”, the boatman whispered. I was having an early morning ride in the river. We reached to the famous Manikarnika ghat. A man set fire on the funeral pyre. My heart became heavy after witnessing such a ceremony. It reminded me the most forgetful truth of life. “But, it’s also true, a new journey starts here”, he said, again. I turned back to him, but he kept gazing at the blazing fire. He continued, “The soul departs for a new journey, leaving this cage of the body alone. But, the journey, never ends, until the soul is liberated to the eternity. Here in Banaras, we believe, departure is a new beginning, too.” I turned my eyes to the river, where a flock of birds was flying, carefree, liberated. Our boat ride continued, but his words kept humming as an echo in my ears, “The journey never ends..“