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Where the light can’t reach, a prayer does. Seeker, Today I call you, a Prayer. For I believe, you are the flame blazing within your heart, with the lamp of a sacred desire for someone so far. A night of shimmering stars. You were standing beneath the sky, and made a sacred wish. For someone so far away, for someone near. For you, for your child. And the most beautiful thing is, it was granted by the universe. You believed, the universe is listening. So the silence. Remember the day when you prayed for the first time? It was just a pure wish, a sacred desire of your heart. May be, you wanted to become first on the painting competition that was held on the next week in your school. Or, you wanted your best friend to recover from high fever and return to school as soon as possible. Or, you prayed to the God so that your father doesn’t shout at you for your poor marks, or you just prayed that if your grandmother …

Goddess Of The Light

[The soul is lying in the darkness. Homeless, like an orphan. It’s wandering, searching for the light. Unaware of the glory ahead, it’s lost, somewhere in the dark, somewhere, in the abyss of darkness. At this unreal hour, at the last stroke of the night, a light appears. Here awakes, goddess of the light.] Someday, a moment will come, to gift you some light. There will be someone, holding a handful of stardust, offering you to have them all. What would you do, then? The dreadful night will leave you behind, with the remnants of the scariest nightmare, unveiling you to the first light. At the last stroke of the night, your ancestor will be the darkness, and, you will be, the mother of light. There will be a whisper, “Hold the light, with your all. This is the light you were seeking for so long. Embrace it.” What would you do, soul? Perhaps, you will turn the light into some precious droplets of smile, peace, and love. You will be, bearer of the light.