Love from Life

The purpose behind starting this blog was spreading positivity as much as possible. Working on subjects like Motivation, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and many more, I have been fortunate to come across some amazing people in my life. They have left few words of appreciation for my blog The Meditative Tree. Read their thoughts here.

Sonia Dogra

Freelance Copy Editor, Proof-reader, Blogger and Writer

Looking inwards in your journey of life is enlightening and uplifting as well. The Meditative Tree is a wonderful place that helps you to discover yourself. The serenity of The Meditative Tree pulls you instantly and sometimes you find answers to several questions you may have been seeking answers to. I recommend The Meditative Tree to anyone seeking purpose in the maze of life.


Abhishek Maji

Visual Artist, Immersive Content Creator

Swarnali weaves stories and lessons from everyday life and churns them into meaningful posts to remind one that life is nothing sort of a wonderful journey. Human beings can endure even the toughest of challenges. When reading The Meditative Tree posts, you will feel an aura of positivity around. The Meditative Tree is a blog that is bound to light up your day and make you more optimistic about the future.


Debidutta Mohanty

Blogger, Writer, Author

This blog ‘The Meditative Tree’ is like a light house that would help your ship to anchor safely. It would help to dive deep within and reflect upon your thoughts. The author’s words are like a soothing balm that helps the unsettled mind to calm down. Our mortal life on this earth is always worrisome and this blog helps you to navigate your life towards light and love. The author helps you to find the lost light of your soul and helps you to bloom with positivity and divine glow.


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