Dear seeker of light, this is for you.

Because I believe, you deserve to be healed, to be loved. I trust your story. And I know, someday, you will be the light, you want to embrace.

Here I bring you the little journal of life and light.

With the aim to spread message of hope, healing, self love, self discovery, forgiveness, gratitude, and many more little beauties around us, I am here to kindle the lamp of life. They are the little flames of the lamp of heart, and we are here to remind all the blessings the universe has sent to us.

I believed in my brokenness, and that’s why I started writing about it. This is the reason why I am here. I want to tell my story of being and becoming, and I want you to be with me in this journey.

Leaving the darkness behind, we are en route to the first light, together. I wish you take a little pause from this chaotic life, inhale the calmness around and breathe a little deeper, let your mind and body be healed.

sending you some petals of love and a handful of stardust,