Inspire Yourself – True Story of an Artist

Hello everyone! Welcome to my series Inspire Yourself. In this series, I write about inspiration. How a person should be inspired by his own journey and how to overcome the obstacles with an undying spirit and will power, I write about these all. Sometimes, I write articles about finding inspiration in little things, how to embrace the positivity around us and leaving the past behind, how to walk ahead.

Today, I want to tell you the story of a girl who is an inspiration for us. Meet Swetapadma Mishra, a Mandala Artist from Odisha. I am presenting you her story in the series Inspire Yourself.

This is how Swetapadma defines herself. She believes she is born anew, everyday, in a new way to rewrite her story.


Hi Swetapadma! Welcome to my series Inspire Yourself. I am inspired by your journey of life and I really admire your high spirit. Also, I am awestruck by your exceptional talent in doing Mandala Art designs. You are a walking example of how people get inspired by arts and in some way, it becomes their only way to express the untold emotions. At first, I want to thank you for accepting my request to feature your story here in my series. I want to congratulate you for your never-say-die attitude of fighting with obstacles. You’re a brave girl. We are proud of you.

Lord Krishna in Mandala Art, a creation by Swetapadma Mishra

Sweta, let’s start the interview with you. Please give us a little bit of your introduction. Tell us about your academic background, about the place where you live, your family and friends.

My name is Swetapadma Mishra. I am from Keonjhar, Odisha. I completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidhyala, Keonjhar and did my graduation in Botany from Dharanidhar Autonomous College, Keonjhar.

I live with my parents, my Grandmother and my younger brother Sarthak. My mom is a Government school teacher, my dad is a retired Government employee and my brother is an Assistant Manager at Axis Bank.

Presenly, I am in not a close connection with my friends as I love to embrace isolation for my solace. I have learned that in life, I have to fight alone with all the obstacles that come in my way and therefore, I have to walk alone. Only my family members stand beside me in through thick and thin.

(Okay, I got it. But Sweta, there are still lovely people out there. The truth is you were unable to reach to them at that moment. Whenever destiny has a plan for you, I believe, you will definitely have some amazing people in your life who will be always there for you to uplift your energy high. So, just wait for the right time and be happy now.)

Radha Krishna Mandala Art by Swetapadma Mishra

Tell us about the phase that came in your life and you got to know your true calling. Tell us how you fought with the obstacles that came to your life and you overcame all of them with your strong will power.

After getting top marks in Graduation, I was selected for Masters, almost in all Universities of Odisha. But life was planning something else for me. In that period of time, I faced serious health problems. So, I discontinued my study and returned to home. I suffered almost one year very badly. After that, it was revealed that it was a wrong treatment. But when I lost my eyesight the actual problem was detected.

It was a rare neurological disorder that was destroying my nervous system. Then I underwent brain surgery where the tube was fitted in my body from brain to stomach through the spine. And now, that tube is my life support. After these surgeries, I wanted to continue my study but again the problems started and I had the same surgery again.

This way, in the past six years, three surgeries were happened. But still, I am facing a lots of health problems.

(Oh, this is really sad to hear Sweta. We are touched by your undaunted spirit of fighting with the storms of life you have gone through in this young age. A big salute to your true strength. You are an achiever.)

I am sharing a poem written by Swetapadma Mishra. She wrote it when she was suffering from depression.

In this dark wood
I lost my path
Life seemed to be cursed
And every movement
Of my heart
Controlled by a dark sorcerer.
Unknown dark faces laughed at me.
I was terrified with their
Smoggy appearance.
Leave me.. Leave me..
I cried…. But no one listened to me.
Blood oozed out from the vein
Thoughts clotted in the nerves
I was howling with pain
But nobody answered…
In the dark wood
I was alone,
Forever alone.

A Mythological Character in Mandala Art by Swetapadma

Now, I want to bring you back from the gloomy memories to the present where I see you are doing a fantastic job in the field of Arts. Sweta, please share your mandala art journey with us. I want to know, what was your inspiration behind choosing this art form as your work space? Why do you love to do them? For how long you are doing them? What does inspire you to work more?

During this disaster what helped me to keep my soul alive within, was arts and writing. I started writing poems and doing paintings, that helped me to heal the mind. That gave me new hope to arise and showed me a ray of light to begin a new journey in life.
Before doing mandala art I generally made pencil sketches. But now, I love to draw the sketches of Gods and Goddesses. When I came to know about Mandala Art through Internet, I started doing this and shifted my focus towards sketching spiritual paintings blended with Mandala Art.

I started doing mandala art from October 2019.

That’s great! Tell us about your biggest support in life. What is Art to you? How do you discover yourself through the medium of art and creativity? How do you feel when you sit for painting? Tell us little bit about your realization in the field of art.

Art is my life now. It gives me strength to live. It gives a reason to my existence. It is my only hope that helps me to push the limits and gives me a reason to wake up and start a new day with a new hope.
I don’t think this is only an art form. Because, for me, my art is my prayer for the Almighty. I meditate through my art and surrender myself to the divine.

Everyday I spend around eight hours on mandala art. When I sit for doing the art, it feels like I am sitting for a prayer and the process of doing the art seems like worshipping.

The art itself is mesmerising. So, I daily practice it and try to do better than the previous day. I never learned art. I am a self taught artist. I am learning from my mistakes. After creating a piece of mandala art, I feel an urge to do another one with more integrity and perfection. And this thirst of learning inspires me to explore more of this art and the self.

Little Krishna Mandala Art by Swetapadma Mishra

Wow, this is truly an inspiring tale of an artist. Art is the medium of worship for you. This is great Sweta. Can you please share with us what is your dream about art? Have you ever thought about your dream project? If yes, please share with us about the dream project of you.

Right now, I don’t have any dream project but yes, I do love to dream big. I am still a beginner, trying to learn the art. So for me, it’s my dream to learn the art from a teacher who will guide me ahead in this journey.
Mandala art brings peace and concentration in mind so if you use this art to calm your inner self, it brings you the peace of mind and also it helps to increase the concentration power. Perhaps, at a point, you will also feel that this is not only an art. This is a method of worshipping the divine power within.

Wow, your words are truly inspiring Sweta. I also believe that scars and wounds help us to learn the rules of life. Tell me one thing, if you’re given a chance to meet an artist whom you admire from heart, who will be that artist? It could be a person from different field of yours. What would you like to ask him/her?

If I get a chance to meet someone whom I admire, I would like to meet the famous writer, Padma Bhushan Shri Manoj Das. He heals me through his words. Every piece of writing of him is a new door to the kingdom of knowledge. Every writing of him helps me to awake a new dawn of consciousness inside me. I think I am not eligible to describe him in words. I admire him and his works from bottom of my heart.

Okay, this is a great thing to know from you Sweta. I want to thank you for accepting my request and giving me an opportunity to feature your story in my blog. You’re a real hero and a true inspiration. You inspire others in the world of creativity and to walk ahead overcoming all the obstacles. Wish you luck for your future endeavours. May your dreams soar high.

Dear readers, come, let’s have a look at her awesome bunch of creations.

Swetapadma Mishra and her mother and child series creations
Mandala Art by Swetapadma
Mandala Art by Swetapadma

(As told by Swetapadma Mishra to Swarnali Nath. The interview is edited by Swarnali Nath. All the opinions are true, unbiased, and intended to spread the message of hope, dreams, and resilience all over.)


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  1. Great interview, Swarnali. Like the line of questions and presentation, too. Swetapadma seems to be quite an artist. Like her answers, paintings, & poem. Her journey is heart-warming & full of inspiration. You cannot be defeated unless you surrender. Thanks for introducing such a personality to us. God bless you both!

    1. Thank you so much Ravish! I will convey your words to her. Thanks for reading her story and encouraging her in the journey ahead. This means much! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

  2. This was a truly wonderful post. What a brave and beautiful story of an artist ❀ to be completely immersed in art is definitely a form of meditation and the path to self realisation

    1. Thank you Leha. You are an artist so you will be able to feel the emotions behind it. Thanks for your kind words Leha. Means much for us. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

      1. This post is brimming with positivity and hope. Yoy have done a good job Swarnali. You have managed to draw out the best parts of Sweta’s life from her. I loved how you appreciate and comment on her responses as an aside before you ask the next question.
        God bless her courage and will power and you too.

      2. Thank you so much Ma’am. Thanks for reading it so beautifully. She is an amazing artist. Thanks for loving her works. Means much! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

  3. What an inspiring girl and her journey. You have presented it so gracefully. Loved the questions and great initiative to start this series. I’m sure we will get to read about many more talents through your posts. Love and luck to both of you. I just loved her paintings. May she stay healthy and keep doing amazing job.

    1. Thanks a lot Vartika for your all kind words. Both of us truly need this. Thanks for reading her story and appreciating her works. She is really an amazing artist. Thanks for your love. Means much! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ»

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