My Realization About Happiness

June was a month when we were having a series of negative vibes around the world. So, I was constantly receiving negative vibes, both from inside and outside. That’s enough to push you towards a world of grief, depression, stress, and anxiety. I was not an exception. But, amidst everything negative, I found a positive one. That was, being positive from inside and spreading that positivity to the outer world.

I was unhappy because I focused on the negative things only. I reminded the things I lost, the people who betrayed, how I received ignorance, how I missed the opportunities, how I did mistakes, how my innocence was fooled, and what will never come back to me. I focused on the things I DIDN’T have. In this dramatic period of unhappiness, I completely forgot to welcome the things I ALREADY have. And here is the truth I realized very soon.

“Happiness lies in welcoming all the colours of happiness in your world and celebrating them to celebrate the melody of life. Happiness is showering love to the life’s blessings to you.”

So, after finding the key to happiness, I started working on myself. And gradually, I started recovering from the unhappy state of mind.

Here is the list of things I did in Juneto keep myself positive and happy from inside:

1. Writing Positive Quote:

I wrote a positive quote everyday and posted it on social media and eventually, shared it with everyone so that others could receive the good vibes too. Thus, I created a chain of positivity.

2. Introspection is Therapeutic:

I started talking to my inner self more. I found introspection is therapeutic. To calm the anxiety, I keep telling myself what I really want and what I really DON’T want. Keeping a track what you don’t like to do is more important than checking up for the things that matter to you. Because this way, you can keep yourself away from the unnecessary burdens around you.

3. Finding Solace in Spirituality:

I found peace in the realm of spirituality. I started reading spiritual books, at least one page a day.

4. Love Yourself:

Loving myself was hard but I tried my best. I embraced the flaws of mine, I accepted the reality and the fact that I can’t change it. Letting go is the most difficult in such phase. But, after a lots of effort when I really embraced the art of letting go, I felt lighter.

5. Let It Go:

There are some things that hold really no meaning at all. They hold no purpose. A bad chapter is not the whole story of you. It’s just, a chapter with sad ending. And ending is always a new beginning, too. Letting go of the past is the best way to welcome the future in your life. When you live the present to the fullest, only then you live life with the note of happiness.

6. Rule Your Life:

Never let others to control your life and your mind. It’s your life, take responsibility and make peace with your choice. Whatever happens, it always happens for a certain reason. Whether it’s a learning experience for you or it’s there to lead you ahead. When you become a master of your own, you can live a life full of happiness.

7. Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Try to surround yourself with positive people, positive news, positive books and everything that brings positivity to you. Remember, it’s an important lesson for life. When you surround positivity, your mind will find peace and it will reflect positive vibes to you.

8. Try to seek positivity in every little thing you have in this moment. Be it little, but it can impact well on your mind. Life has always something to celebrate. You have to find it.

9. Find Hope:

Hope is always there with you. Every day begins with a new promise of hope. So, start your day with a note of positivity and seek happiness in every little thing you have.

10. Find the Peace Within:

Finding the peace within is the key to happiness. When you’re going through a phase where you face only negative things and you wonder about the purpose, the meaning of your life, try to dive deep inside the sea of emptiness. It will echo the answer you have been searching for long. As I found the key to bang on.

So, it was my own realization about Happiness.

“Happiness is celebrating every little beauty you have around, right here, right now. Happiness is finding the peace within. Happiness is to define happiness in your own way, absolutely.”


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