Things I learned during lockdown

Lockdown has brought the world to test the power of resilience at its best. The world became confined in a tiny version of world locked in home. Life is wrapped up with continuous chaos and hopelessness. Sometimes, I felt breathless and chocked from inside. I tried to find hope and eventually fell into learning something of my own. In a new way, absolutely. This way, life kept surprising me with its treasures of hope.
While this was the biggest revelation I received in the lockdown phase, there were some more I came across while writing my own journal.
Here are the things that I learned in lockdown phase:

Be grateful:

In this phase, I learned to be grateful for everything I have. At first, I wake up in morning saying Thank You to life. I am alive and this is the best gift one can ever receive. Life is big, every breathe is a gift from the divine grace. Every breathe is the messenger of life. Be grateful, you are alive.

Be happy with what you have:

You have everything. You have food on your plate, you have roof above your head. You have clothes, you have the strength to create the life you wish. You have everything that makes one happy. Be happy whatever life has in store for you.

Trust each other:

When life hits you hard to spend days after days in a small space, you don’t have much to do outside, try to build your own little happy world. Trust each other and build strong relationship with everyone in the family. Forget, forgive.

Celebrate togetherness:

The little space you own in this big world, belongs to your family. The ones who were, who are and who will be with you always you need a hand to hold, a shoulder to weep. They are your forever happiness. When the outer world is squeezed to this little word inside the home, celebrate togetherness every day in a new way. Make this world a happy one, help each other to stay positive. Let this togetherness be your real strength.

Take care of your mental health:

While being cocooned to a smaller space for an unlimited period of time, it’s quite obvious to fall mentally sick. Additionally, there are lots of negative news we are hearing these days. So, it’s obvious to feel suffocated with stress, depression, anxiety, frustration and many more. But, don’t let these control your life. Remember, there is still hope. There is still positivity around us, you just need to find them. Like your physical health, take care of your mental health. Meditate daily. Meditation will help you to calm your inner self.

Minimalist Lifestyle:

You will never know how little you need to live a simple life of peace, happiness, and joy, until the world will push you hard to live a minimalist lifestyle. Stripped to a life where you bring home only the things you really need makes you realize that life is best when you live it with little demand and big salutation. Lockdown has made me learned this amazing fact about life.

Be resilient, this too shall pass:

Whatever it takes you to stick to the storm and be strong, just do it. Your power of resilience is the only power that will make you a winner after the storm will pass. In this phase of lockdown, the only thing we can do is to pray from heart and soul to the Almighty for bringing hope and restoring peace in the world. Be resilient, have faith, this too shall pass.


Life is beautiful. There comes a chapter that makes you learn a lots of things in the walk of life. Welcome the little happiness with gratitude and be compassionate. Life is big. Celebrate life with all you have. 

Let’s pray together for this scary phase to go away as soon as possible. Let’s pray for good health, let’s hope for peace. 

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow. 



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