Accept Yourself to Inspire Yourself

When I am writing about being inspired by yourself, then it’s most important to tell you how to be inspired by your own beauty and wisdom. Accepting yourself is one of the most powerful way to inspire yourself.
A bad chapter is not the whole story of you. It’s just, a chapter with sad ending. And ending is always a new beginning, too. Letting go of the past is the best way to welcome the future in your life. When you live the present to the fullest, only then you live life with the note of happiness.
Life is beautiful. There comes a chapter that makes you learn a lots of things in the walk of life. Welcome the little happiness with gratitude and be compassionate. Life is big. Celebrate life with all you have. 

Accepting our flaws and imperfections, accepting our failures and mistakes and accepting the past, are one of the most difficult tasks to do in life. But, I have realized, accepting these things could make my life a better one. I always love to say that be your own inspiration. Always. You are your biggest inspiration and you will be always your biggest motivational force. From inside. When you can’t accept your past, or your imperfections or your failures, you can not move on. And moving on in life is as important as breathing.

Moving on is like breathing. Whether we need to breathe the air to keep ourselves physically alive, moving on is the one to keep ourselves alive from within.

Accepting yourself is the first step towards embracing the art of letting go. On other note, letting go is the very first step towards accepting yourself. When you let go of the past and accept that past is just a time that left a scar in your life, that’s all to do with past. Past is gone. You are living in the Present. And the more you will take time to work on your presence, the more your Future will take time to gift you surprises.


Two major things can help you to accept yourself and then they will help you to move on. They are:

  • Acknowledge your reality: Acknowledging the reality is the very first step towards accepting yourself. Try to say your heart that things went wrong because they had to. But, there were certainly some reasons behind this. I have to find the reason and make myself stronger and braver than before. You might have done mistakes but you did them unknowingly. You might have faced failure but you did it because you wanted to take risks. You might have received rejection but you did nothing, only that place didn’t welcome you. Remember, whenever you do some mistakes, you also do something right that keeps you standing for a cause that matters to you. Whenever you faced failures, there was someone who won because you are the one who tried and then only you failed. You failed because you deserve something else and that failure is your ultimate teacher so that you can learn life’s algorithm. Whenever you received rejection, that interprets the facts that you deserve something else. There is certainly another place where you will be welcomed with all the glory. Acknowledge the reality to accept yourself and move on in life.
  • Make lists of your goals: Making list of your targets is an intelligent way to recover from the pain of your past. Rather, it helps you to focus on your future goals and help you to understand your dreams and passion better. At first, make small goals and try to fulfill them You can begin with Love Yourself. A sample list can look like:
    • Love yourself.
    • Wake up early and feel the morning vibes.
    • Walk.
    • Sleep properly.
    • Do whatever you love, what brings unconditional happiness to you.
    • Try to smile as much as possible.
    • Find a purpose to go ahead. It could be something casual or little, or, it could be something big.
    • Name the ones who love you unconditionally. And also, the ones you love. They are the sole reason to keep you inspired always.
    • Get involved in creativity.
    • Most importantly, live a life without any expectation. Things will fall into place at the time they are destined to.

Dear seeker, if you are seeking the true meaning of life, you can’t stop at a place. You have to move on in life. To move on, you have to accept yourself as you are and let the older self go. Today, let the new self of you born with strength, bravery and rebellion. A resilient one, just like the bird that can withstand the storm and when it’s passed, it can fly higher. Higher in the sky of dreams.

Accept yourself to inspire yourself.


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