Dear Dad, Thank You for gifting me the untold story of mine

Dear Dad,
Whenever I needed a hand to hold,
In the streets, in the storm,
You were always there to make me aware of the power of resilience.

Whenever I needed a shoulder,
To weep off my pain, to wash away my insanity,
You were always there to embrace me in your arms.

Whenever destiny pushed me hard,
Into the test of life,
You were always there to show me the light.

Whenever I asked you, “Why me, Dad? Why it’s me, why, nobody else? “
You were the one who replied me back,
“For you are special to Him.”

I always wondered, why this daughter of yours is treated in a different way? Why, always?

It’s you who kept singing the anthem of inspiration to me. And I learned,
To be inspired by my own journey.
To become the silence that is hidden beneath the roar of the thunder.

It’s you who told me to be a rebel queen of her own empire.
And today, years later, I discovered that the fairy tale I used to love in my childhood, was the untold story of mine.

I have realized,
That a woman is always a warrior.
That a daughter is always a princess.
That a queen is always a rebel.

Thank you for gifting me the most beautiful fairy tale I’ve ever read in my life. Thank you for always being my real hero.

– Princess of the heart palace of a Royal father.


This post is written as a part of an initiative Cause A Chatter powered by Blogchatter. My cause is “Inspiration”. Today is Father’s Day and fathers have always been a great source of inspiration to daughters. Father is the real hero for us. So, I dedicate this post to all the real heroes, Fathers across the world. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day together. I wish all the real heroes of us A Very Happy Father’s Day!!

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