21 Days of Blooming – Day 2

Day 2
Note to Self
You’re brave enough to follow the heart’s call.
The second letter from my book is all about the voice within. It’s about the calling, that makes you restless until you find the way to chase the calling.

Somewhere in the universe a voice is buried deep. Maybe, the voice is buried deep inside your heart. Sometimes the whispers come to you and you feel the calling. But you don’t hear the call and fear of stepping out of your home.
But I know seeker, someday, you will be brave enough to follow the calling of your heart. It will direct you towards your dream voyage.
I am waiting for the day, seeker. Have courage to pursue your heart’s call. The voice is waiting for you.

For the calling,
Another Seeker

To read the full letter, download my book You Are Blooming. The download link is given here.

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, a bohemian writer who loves to explore the treasures of life. I strongly feel that words can heal, they are meditative. Words bear the light, and I try to spread that light through my words. This is a little journal where I write and curate all the beautiful little things we have around us. Welcome to my universe. Pause. Breathe. Heal.

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