21 Days of Blooming – Day 1

The book begins with the journey of Hope. The first week is dedicated to HOPE.

Each chapter is a letter. The letters are addressed to the Seeker, but each letter has an unique way to call the seeker. Each letter is accompanied with a special Note to Self. So, when you start the day, at first you read the note to Self. You say Yes to Hope. You discover yourself in a new way, you find a new truth about yourself. Here is the Note to Self of the first day.

Day 1
Note to Self:
You have a story sleeping inside. Wake it up.

Do you know there is another story sleeping inside your heart and it’s waiting to be told to the world? A story that is raw and real. A story that is as powerful as you. A story that has been wrapped with an infinite glory.
It’s waiting to be written by you.
Only you.
The story chooses you, only you in the world for it knows well, the creator will script it beyond everything.
So, what are you waiting for, seeker? Reveal the story of you and begin to rewrite the most powerful story of the universe. Awaken the story within.
For you, for the story,
A Storyteller
. . . .

This is an excerpt from the first chapter ‘Arise, Awake’ from my ebook You Are Blooming. To read the full letter, download the book here:

The book is now available for free download but only for a limited time. So hurry! Grab your copy soon! . . . .

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, a bohemian writer who loves to explore the treasures of life. I strongly feel that words can heal, they are meditative. Words bear the light, and I try to spread that light through my words. This is a little journal where I write and curate all the beautiful little things we have around us. Welcome to my universe. Pause. Breathe. Heal.

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