You Are Blooming is released!!

Hello everyone!! My first ebook ‘You Are Blooming’ is published yesterday. It’s launched on the coveted Blogchatter Ebook Carnival 2020.

My first Ebook You Are Blooming

The book is a motivational series on hope, dreams, faith, and courage. It has views on love, kindness, forgiveness and also on Beauty, self love, life and many more. There is something your favourite too, because there will be Magic!! And many more.
To reveal what it holds beneath the pages, please download the book from the link given here.

The link is also given in my bio. It’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD now. But this offer will be valid for only limited time.
So grab your copy soon and give it a beautiful read!! I would love to hear from you!! Hurrrryyyyy!!!!!
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Hi there! I am Swarnali, your Life and Light Journalist. I call myself An engineer who writes letters. I strongly feel that words can heal, they're meditative, they're like prayer. Words bear the light, and I try to spread that light through my words. 'The Vaidik Journal' is a little journal where I write and curate all the beautiful little things we have around us. Welcome to my universe. Pause. Breathe. Heal.

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