The Inspiration Diary – Five Questions to Ask Yourself

What keeps you going?
Resilience. This one word inspires me to rediscover myself and redefine life. While walking along the road of adversity, I have realized that whatever it takes to withstand the storm, I will do. So that one day I could be proud of myself.

What’s your view about life?
Life is beautiful, if we can make every moment filled with hope and positivity. Life is something that keeps me surprised always with all the glories. I have realized that when everything falls apart, we have to find the lost light, and then, eventually everything falls into place. That’s called the theory of life.

What is Inspiration to you?
The vibes that urge to dig deeper. The wave of hope that helps us to dream and to rise again after you fell every time. The voice that calls for to begin anew.

How do you inspire yourself?
I have realized that before going to inspire a stranger and be inspired by anyone else, you have be your own inspiration and you have to inspire yourself. I inspire myself with the road I have travelled so far, the way I have rediscovered my true power and strength, and the spirit I hold to redefine life. Whenever I feel low, I keep humming the song of inspiration:
Every moment, every day, you inspire yourself in such a way that the universe feels proud of you.

Why do you like to talk about failures and mistakes?
Yes I like to talk about failures, about mistakes, about despair, about brokenness. I like to write about the failures I have faced in life, the mistakes I have done. How I became an absolute mess. How I messed up everything. How I fell I failed I broke I cried I screamed. How I chose to be isolated. I chose silence. I chose me. Yes, I like to write about my own experience of despair and dark days. I like to talk about them because I want to spread my words of hope. Of dream. Of peace of smile of happiness. I want to spread the message through my words that there is still hope for tomorrow. That there is still life that breathes inside this soul. That you are still alive, you are alive to hope. To dream. To seek the light.
Life is big, find purpose to come alive. Renew yourself. Life is beautiful, trust me.

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  1. Five wonderful answers that will help us get a deeper understanding of ourselves. Beautiful. 🙂

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