Month: May 2020

You Are Blooming is released!!

Hello everyone!! My first ebook ‘You Are Blooming’ is published yesterday. It’s launched on the coveted Blogchatter Ebook Carnival 2020. The book is a motivational series on hope, dreams, faith, and courage. It has views on love, kindness, forgiveness and also on Beauty, self love, life and many more. There is something your favourite too, because there will be Magic!! And many more.To reveal what it holds beneath the pages, please download the book from the link given here. The link is also given in my bio. It’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD now. But this offer will be valid for only limited time.So grab your copy soon and give it a beautiful read!! I would love to hear from you!! Hurrrryyyyy!!!!!. .. .@blogchatter. . . blogchatterebook #ebookcarnival #firstebook #youareblooming #motivationalbook #selfhelp #selflove #hope #dream #faith #courage #love #beauty #magic #universe #power #bliss #light #life #journey #motivation #inspiration

My first EBook is coming your way!

Hope is always there with you, like a walking dream. Seeker,This is for you. These letters, these words, all belong to you. I feel, deep down, we all are connected.Trust me, yes, we are.And this is how I started this journey. Of writing letters to you. For I know, you’re seeking the light, too. You’re seeking hope, you’re seeking peace. You’re seeking love, faith and courage. You are seeking the healing touch of empathy and kindness. Your soul longs to be loved, to be healed. And trust me, the universe is writing your story. Perhaps, it’s writing our story, together. And that’s why I am here. To remind you, what you’re seeking, is seeking you too.There is chaos, there is confusion, there is despair,there is darkness. But, there is still hope, there is still love. Sometimes, you should thank the day gone by, to make a promise for the new.I am here to remind you, beyond everything, deep down, you’re blooming. Amidst all the chaos and confusion, despair and darkness, you’re blooming with hope, beauty …

The Inspiration Diary – Five Questions to Ask Yourself

What keeps you going?Resilience. This one word inspires me to rediscover myself and redefine life. While walking along the road of adversity, I have realized that whatever it takes to withstand the storm, I will do. So that one day I could be proud of myself. What’s your view about life?Life is beautiful, if we can make every moment filled with hope and positivity. Life is something that keeps me surprised always with all the glories. I have realized that when everything falls apart, we have to find the lost light, and then, eventually everything falls into place. That’s called the theory of life. What is Inspiration to you?The vibes that urge to dig deeper. The wave of hope that helps us to dream and to rise again after you fell every time. The voice that calls for to begin anew. How do you inspire yourself?I have realized that before going to inspire a stranger and be inspired by anyone else, you have be your own inspiration and you have to inspire yourself. I inspire …