Zoom the Little Beauties

“I stop and stare, to see the beauty hidden in little things. I stop for a while, to inhale a little deeper, and to praise this heavenly beauty.”


Today I call you, Treasure. For you are going to find the smallest treasures in life.

Today I want you to tell something beautiful, I realized walking in the path of life. Seeker, we inherit a tendency to look outside, always. We seek for an enriched life, we wish for the stars to have in our arms. Sometimes, we envy to the ones who receive all the things they had desired once. But, today I want to tell you, life is big, it holds something much bigger than we see, we wish and we long for. The most powerful truth of life is, it holds the most beautiful blessings in the little things we ignore. We think we have left them behind, just to make our way ahead, but the fact is, these little beauties make our life a perfect one.

Hard to believe, what does a tiny drop of rain hold? You may see this only as another drop of rain, but, someone far, might be waiting for a little drop of love, of life. This tiny drop of rain could be turned into a drop of hope, to make his or her lost dreams come alive, once again.

What does the thin ray of light hold special? You may wonder, like the night ends and a new day begins, what is different of this ray of light? But seeker, this thin ray could be a light of hope for a daybreak awaiting long.

Look at the colours of the dusk, the sublime beauty holds that sunset hour. You may call it a goodbye, but someone there, calling it just the end of a chapter. Holding a promise in his or her heart, he or she is waiting to write a new chapter. This colours of today, are making a new promise of tomorrow.

I am telling you something I have experienced. It’s something of my own, and I do it still. One day, I felt a dumb pain in my heart, I wanted to scream, to cry aloud. But that midnight stars told me, “Instead of shedding silent tears, smile.” And I did. I smiled, I laughed, and whispered, “Life is cracking a joke at you, just stop thinking too much, and smile.” I smiled, I laughed. I laughed a lot. And this trick worked well. I felt light, and relieved.

You may wonder why I was doing that idiotic thing that night? But one fact is, that experience made me a midnight thinker. Whenever I feel a lump of pain in my chest, I just try to turn it into a bowl of creativity. And this works so well. Sometimes, little things create wonders, and gift you something you never dreamed of, even in your wildest dreams, ever.

Life keeps surprising you with its treasure of little beauties. Pause, breathe and zoom. You will find something beautiful, right now, right here.

For wonders, for life,

A Girl Who Writes

8 Thoughts

  1. So true, dear. Look at the tiniest of things and you’ll find happiness in the simple pleasures fo life. They are priceless. Congratulations on successfully completing your first (?) challenge. Many more to come. ❤ Hugs.


  2. You are right, we should enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Congratulations on the successful completion of the A to Z Challenge. Keep writing, beta and I will be back to keep reading. God bless you.


  3. I would definitely believe in finding the smallest treasures in life Swarnali! It has been such a delight and an honor to have known you for quite some time now. My heartfelt thanks for your constant support throughout the series and even before that. I wish you all the very best and may you achieve what your heart desires. Keep writing and motivating us through your brilliant words. I look forward to keeping in touch with you, now and always!


  4. Congratulations Swarnali on successful completion of A2Z Challenge, I too believe in treasuring the happiness even from the tiniest thing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your motivational posts dear, I will definitely going to miss these, best wishes for ebook!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear. You will not miss them, as they’re now coming to you to remain with you forever. 👍💐


  5. I love reading the positive dose of life from you blog Swarnali, you have filled pious colors of meaningful living in A2Z challenge. Though my reading speed sucks, I will come back here for a new and fresh dose of positivity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Deepika. Even your blog is also opened in my google window. Will read you surely, I am also lagging in reading. Thanks for stopping by.


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