Know Yourself

You’re in the process of becoming. This time, reinvent yourself with all your glory.


Today I call you, Mirror. For today I want to hold a mirror in front of you.

You are Alive, Awaken. You are Brokenly Beautiful. You will hear a Calling. You will discover your abandoned Dream. You are the Echo of tomorrow. You are going to turn your fear into Faith. You are Grace of Gratitude. You are Hope, for you have the light within you, awaiting behind the cloud. You are an Ignited spark of Inspiration. You have the Journal of your own Journey. You are a sea of Kindness. You are a Lamp of Love. You are Magical. You have everything buried in Now. You are an Oblivion. You are a Prayer. You have Questions. You are Reborn and Redefined. You are Sound of Silence. Your story is written in the Universe. You will Unwrap your own happiness one day. Every moment, you are sending good Vibes all over. You have a bloom of Wisdom in your heart. You have an Extra ordinary power within. You have to stop and stare at the little things to celebrate life, a little more. There are hundreds of little beauties around to make you believe once again that,

“Life Is Celebration”.

Seeker, I am proud of you that you have battled so hard. I know what it feels living in the darkness for long, even you are surrounded with the light. You see people smiling, laughing, loving and celebrating around, and you are allowing yourself standing in the darkness. You tell yourself that it’s nice, let me be here only. Amidst the crowd and laughters, you feel a void, and you want to return in your own empire of silence and loneliness. You come to the darkness, and again, close the doors and sob your pain. I know, because I was there one day.

But, seeker, life is still a celebration of hope and beauty. You may feel the celebration as chaos in this moment of emptiness, but it’s true that amidst the chaos, there lies a note of melody, always. You are not alone, you are only fighting a war with your own self. You are stronger than you see, braver than you believe. And I know, these days of darkness are going to end very soon.

Being a stranger to you, when I have the faith on your ability, I believe that you still can do wonders, then why are you losing all the faith? At least, if believing on yourself is being hard, then, have faith on the universe. As I have told you earlier, the universe is the writer of your story. It knows everything about you. And it’s writing the next chapter of your story with all the magic and miracles it owns.

Just have the courage to pursue the calling of your heart, and spread love and light as much as possible. They will reflect to you, one day, with all the blessings and power they hold.

For You,

A Stranger


  1. “Reinvent yourself with all the glory” …very beautiful. Loved this mirror Swarnali! Very enlightening and quite a soul-searcher!

  2. When we begin a conversation with ourselves it’s like reinventing who we are. It’s so important to know yourself. Thanks for this lovely lesson Swarnali.

  3. Knowing who we are is absolutely important. Many people refuse to see even themselves beneath the surface. If only they took their masks off at least when talking to themselves…
    Poignant post.

  4. “life is still a celebration of hope and beauty. ” these words stole my heart Swarnali. Life is indeed a celebration. Our wisdom, our inner self has to see it. Aaina kabhi jhooth nahi bolta. It shows us all plus and minuses.. Salute to your depth of thoughts

  5. Yes so many times we all face that situations in our lives when we feel that there is darkness everywhere..we are alone..we struggle with our own thoughts..but as you said, there are hundred of beauties around us that make us believe that life is celebration of hope…many congrats dear for completing the challenge.

  6. “You may feel the celebration as chaos in this moment of emptiness, but it’s true that amidst the chaos, there lies a note of melody, always.”
    My favorite line from the post, and feels so apt in the current situation. Love how you play with the words to make a complete sense of living a thoughtful life.

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