The Extra Ordinary Power Within You

The power you are seeking outside resides within you. The power is there to make us believe in magic and miracles. It has another story to tell, to script a new journey of you.


Today I call you Powerful. For I know, you are more powerful than you believe, you are stronger than you see. I have always believed in you. Because I know, someday, you will rise, you will find your true power. You know, sometimes, the universe has to stir up the soul so that you can find your true potential to fight the battle. The power that was hidden inside you all that days of light, and you will find it only when you are in darkness. The power that made you believe in you. To be yourself whatever may be the circumstances.

After facing a random chain of failures, you started to believe that you are nothing but a big zero. You are good for nothing. You can do only mistakes in life. You are unable to do any great work in future. But dear, you have a greatness planted inside your heart. That is your true calling, your light. The light that never fades, never leaves you alone. The light is always there to show you the right path. You are capable of doing great success. Have faith on you, and find your extra ordinary power. 

The power you are seeking outside resides within you. Everyone is extra ordinary in their own way. Everyone has a special power to turn the ordinary person into an extra ordinary one. As I say, the light is always there, behind the cloud. The power is there to make us believe in magic and miracles. It has another story to tell, to script a new journey of you.

I believe, there is always someone to wake you up from the longest sleep, to bring you out from the cloak of mist. To tell you how beautiful you are, to help you discover your true power, wisdom and strength. Sometimes, you will realize that the power that created this universe, is the most beautiful one, and we refer it as a boon. This boon resides inside you also. This is the boon that unveil the true self of you. That makes you most powerful one.

You know whom I refer here most powerful? It’s you, seeker. Yes, I call you power. You are much more powerful that you think of yourself. You have the power to turn your scars into a glorious tale of life. The power to turn the hatred into the bloom of love. To turn your inner chaos into a melodious song of peace and silence. You can make wonders, I believe. Reveal the power, and begin your journey to conquer the world. It’s waiting for you.

For the hidden power,

A Well wisher

18 Thoughts

  1. Totally agree, Swarnali.
    We have great power. Need to be aware.
    “I have the power!” – just what He-Man said.
    Did you watch the cartoon show on DD?


  2. “The Power you are seeking outside resides within you!”, wonderfully penned dear. Loved it! A lovely thought to end a day and begin another… Thank you for this share!

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  3. The very first thing that came to my mind was the tiny seed that holds the power to give birth to a mighty tree. If a tiny seed can have this immense power, why cant we?
    I absolutely agree that power lies within. One needs to explore and bring it to the surface.

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    1. Yes you’re absolutely right. And that tiny seed is your soul, your mind tree. Unleash the potential of you. Thanks for reading my letter.


  4. Wow so inspiring..I agree we all are unique in our own way but most of the time we compare ourselves with others..and this comparison make us feel inferior. I love the line, ”You have the power to turn the scars into glorious tale of your life..” indeed amazing!

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