Learn From Your Wounds and Scars

“Wound is the paradise where grows the bloom of wisdom.”


Today I want to call you Wisdom. For I believe, you are wise, you hold the wisdom you learned from your scars and wounds. And I know, they help you to grow each day. They are the reason behind you have become wiser, for now, you hold the peace within.

You know, recovery is a journey. Sometimes, it takes the whole life to recover from the pain that is engraved inside. We receive the pain for our innocence, and then, we welcome the pain inside our heart. The pain becomes buried there, with time, it gets there planted so deeply that whenever we try to uproot, it digs deeper its root, inside the deepest place of the heart. This way, the pain becomes a forever thing.

You thought that with the tide of time, the pain has become a faded memory, it is erased now. But the truth is, seeker, the pain is somethings that can’t be forgotten ever. The more you want to forget it, the more you embrace the pain within. It’s so deeply rooted that it can’t be uprooted again, ever in life.

Once I was thinking about all the pain I hide inside my heart. I was cherishing my good memories, but as the shadow sometimes come along with the light, my sad memories also came in front of my eyes. I felt the pain, once again. That moment, I wished, if there were wings of pain, I would let them fly. I would free them from the cage of my memory, and they would never come back to me.

But, we all know that it’s impossible. We can’t let them fly, so we have to bear the pain and the wounds it gifted to us, forever. You believe, recovery and healing are just two words with no meaning at all.

But, seeker, I am telling you something. That they are some big words to learn and feel. Recovering from the deep pain and healing the wounds are two possible things. As I am going through this phase, I know, you would have this day in your life, one day, definitely. Pain makes us stronger, wounds make us braver. Remember, one day you were so afraid of falling and getting hurt that you said no to war? You denied to take risks, what if, your wings get broken? You wanted to live in a life where only peace prevails, and you made way for the beautiful dreams.

Then, the day came, when the storm devastated your fairytale, and you turned into a warrior. You became fierce, bold and courageous. Yes, you got hurt many times, you fell, you bled, but despite all of them, you continued to fight till the end. So many wounds you received in the battle. Seeker, all of them were a reward of the war you were battling then.

Wounds make us believe in wonders. The scars those were left behind, make you more beautiful than the diamond crown. With time, wounds long for healing, and you long to see your recovered self from the deep pain. The wounds gifted you some lessons that were left unlearned. The pain burnt you inside, the place where the pain was planted, turned into a valley of ashes. But, before leaving that place, the pain, the wound, the scar gifted you something graceful. See, there awaiting, a bloom of wisdom.

For the healing,

A Prayer

37 Thoughts

  1. Recovery is indeed a journey, and time heals or maybe not healed but it lightens the pain.
    When I read you are recovering, I feel for you and wish you loads of strength and power to heal yourself.
    Agree wounds help us be warriors with its pain and teachings and learnings of life.


  2. There’s a lot of truth there. Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I’ve been through a lot and it really touches me to read this.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

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  3. I think everyone will identify with this journey in one way or the other. Maye the wounds of some are a lot more than the others, but we still have our own stories of acquiring wisdom from them.

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  4. Wounds may seem to shake our inner self but in the end, they teaches a lesson, and makes us strong. When we listen to our inner voice then we can make out the real meaning of such words and incidences.


  5. This letter is so inspiring and motivating.
    Every scar leaves a note of wisdom that makes us a better human being. We should always learn from our wounds. You have beautifully illustrated such a profound truth with your words 💛

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  6. Wounds and scars not only make us stronger but also give us faith in the power and existence of someone who cars for you. The trials are his way of testing you and helping you to be the best and learn to listen to your inner voice. Lovely post as always

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  7. I agree, we learnt from our experiences either those are in the form of wound or any unpleasant or pleasant experience. I learnt time heal most of the things, Inspite of anything remains you can clean by ourselves for your mental peace.

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  8. I absolutely love the tonality of these letters – so gentle and wise. As I see it, pain is your body’s way to wake you up and ask you pay attention because that is sometimes the only way to get your attention.

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