Send the good Vibes

You have the power to change the way of your life.


You are a victor, I know, and I believe, one day, you will win over the things that pulled you down, and make you feel low.

You know, you have a basic instinct in you, the one that always directs you towards the right way. Trust your power of intuition. It never deceives you. Sometimes strong, sometimes a vague one, you feel your instincts. They are always right. One day, a stranger told me a beautiful thing. She is a firm believer in a theory that describes the power of sending vibes to the universe. She told me, the universe has a power to absorb all the vibes we send there. Then, it starts working as a reply to our vibes. If we send positive vibes there, it will send the positive one to us. Likewise, if we send negative vibes, it will also send us the negative one. If you hold negative energy, you are telling the universe that you are a person with fear, anger and hatred, spreading a message of negative vibes all over. This way, you send all the negativities to the universe, and as an outcome of this all, you receive the same in return. But, think for once, instead of this, if you are holding positive energy, you are telling the universe that you are a person with hope, faith and courage. You send love, kindness and forgiveness to the people around you, and for these all, you are grateful to the universe. This way, you are sending positive vibes there, to receive the same for you.

You have the power to change the way of your life, by bringing the positive energy to you and surrounding the good vibes.

We are what we think, what we believe. Everything about you has its own energy and vibes. Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings, moods, and everything around. Even the things beyond our vision, at present we can’t see them, they also have their own energies and vibes. As I said, your vibes are always having a secret conversation with the universe, sending them your present vibes and speaking this way, you imprint your thoughts and believes all over. Every single moment, the universe is receiving your unsaid words, untold emotions those you forgot to spell and utter even. But, the universe is kind. It grabs your vibes and gets the answer in its own way. May be, you are presently thinking about something that is filled with joy and happiness, you have unconsciously sent the positive vibes to the universe, and spoke about your unsaid happiness.

There are waiting this beautiful thing for you, pick it up. And go on, seeker.

For the voice, vision and vibes,

A Friend

37 Thoughts

    1. Aww, that’s so sweet of you Sonia. Sending lots of good vibes and love for you dear friend. Have a great day ahead. πŸ€πŸŒΌ


  1. Victor, the fighter and possessing the power to bring change! Beautiful again Swarnali! Was lost in your flow of words. Very insoiring and full of good vibes.

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    1. I absolutely agree. I have seen some people like them, you’re right. I am in awe of their extremely high personality. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


  2. The vibes that we emit travel with us everywhere. And it spreads to all the places we go to. Just like this blog gives out a soothing and positive vibe each time I visit. ❀ Wishing you lots of love and positivity πŸ˜€

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  3. What a perfect closing line Swarnali, “For the voice, vision and vibes”!
    Thoughts are waves and waves propagate. The universe has all the matching frequencies for every thought wave, doubling its effect. Then why not project positive thoughts and reap rich benefits? Well said dear.

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  4. I’m a firm believer in vibes. I trust them more than I trust words, for a valid reason. Your friend has given wonderful advice. Nothing beats the impact of positive vibes. Especially, during these times. Lovely! ❀

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  5. If you send good vibes you always get good vibes. How true is this! I have noticed it if you just smile at a stranger you are bound to get a smile back. In these tough times of corona sending you positive vibes.

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  6. So beautifully explained.
    Ever since I read Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. The more positive vibes we exude, the more we receive.
    Thank you for the reminder dear πŸ’›βœ¨

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  7. “You are a victor, I know, and I believe, one day, you will win over the things that pulled you down, and make you feel low.” This is something my father has always told me and supports me with what I might do. This one thing from my father has always kept me running. Thanks for reminding Swarnali. I am therefore I will. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

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