Unwrap Your Own Happiness

Life is full of surprises. Unwrap your own happiness today.


Today I call you Sunshine. For I believe, in whatever situation you may be, in wherever place you are presently living, you are still brave enough to wear a bright smile on your face. You are always there to bring smile in lives of people around you. But one thing I too know, that you are hiding a sea of pain inside your heart. And this smile is a fake one.

But I trust you. I trust destiny. I trust tomorrow. I trust the universe, more than myself. And I believe, one day, you will be shining bright wearing the true smile on your face. I know seeker, the art of embracing happiness amidst all the chaos and pain you are going through is tough, in fact, for me, it’s the toughest thing. But for me, not for you. For I believe, you are the bravest one I have ever seen in my life.

You know, sometimes, I too feel low. I too feel broken, I too feel lonely. I want to smile, but I can’t. With my whole, I long to see my face smiling, beaming with hope and glowing with an inner peace. But I can’t. That time, I try to recollect things that make me smile, make me happy from within.

I close my eyes, and start thinking that what thing I like most to do. And I recall, nothing gives me more charm than writing. I love to build my own world of words, where thoughts prevail and I find my solace. This world is mine, this world is a happy world of thoughts, emotions and creativity.

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be unhappy in a happy world, or you can choose to be happy when you are still in an unhappy world. The things that brings happiness to your friends might be different from yours. We all are unique in our own ways. So we all crave for different shades of happiness. Your mother may seek happiness when you make a delicious dish, your father may seek happiness in your academic reports, your sibling may seek happiness when you buy an ice cream for him. But, the truth is, the definition and cause of happiness differs from person to person. Your friend may be happy when she goes for a weekend trip in a hill station. But, you feel happy when you write a poem, or when you dance in the rain. Happiness can be seen in little things too, but often, we ignore these things. We are prone to seek happiness from the outer world, forgetting the fact that happiness lives within. We are just a blink away from our own happy world.

At first, write down the things that make you truly happy, that bring a big bright smile on your face. Little or big, just note down the causes that are enough to bring you back to your happy world. Do that things one by one, and thus, build your own world of love, peace and smile. Unwrap the happiness within, my dear sunshine.

Let the dawn of tomorrow bring a bright smile on your face. Sending you some petals of happiness and sunshine.

Love, Your Sunshine

39 Thoughts

  1. Totally agree! Happiness is a choice, lots of reasons to be unhappy but if you choose to be happy, you will be happy. It happens to all of us, there are low points where we feel broken but this is the time to convince ourself that we have to fight back. I can’t stay longer in this sad environment.

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  2. I was smiling reading your post and it brought me happiness. You are right there are very small things which can make us happy and we need to introspect and find them inside us. And yes, what makes me happy might not make the other one happy. But doing something for a loved one’s happiness makes us happy too. Lovely as always my friend

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  3. Our outlook of life determines how happy we can be. We might quite often settle for fake smiles, forgetting what real happiness is like. It is important to remind ourselves of the things that make us happy and do the things we love. A beautiful message conveyed here. Love and happiness ❀


  4. “Unwrap your own happiness”. So very true! Real happiness can only be harnessed from within. Finding momentary respites outside is only more saddening. I loved the Sunshine! Beautiful yet again!

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  5. such a nice line … life is full of surprises, unwrap it yourself. It is indeed true that our happiness lies in our hands. Happiness is always lurking around us, it is up to us how we recognise it.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Purba. Your feedback always inspire me. Means a lot dear, truly. Love and hugs πŸ’œπŸ€—


  6. There can not be any better bliss than being lost in one’s own world of words. For words never betray and they always are true to conspicuous.
    Thanks Swarnlai for handy tip here that we should write down what makes one happy. It would pave the way to reach the inner world of boundless happiness.

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  7. Happiness and unhappiness is just a state of mind. It all depends on you, how you deal with your situation. Take everything in a positive stride, actually this helps you to solve your problems much faster than by staying gloomy.

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