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Thoughts About The Universe

I believe, the universe is me. It’s as old as this soul. Wandering, seeking, transforming.


Today I call you Fire. For I believe, you are a ball of fire, born exactly when the universe was born. And since then, you are on your own way of becoming. The fact is, you are a part of the universe’s growth.

You may wonder why I am writing these to you. Before I answer, here is something I believe.

I find, I am traveling since the universe is born. Through the stars, in the valleys,

on earth.

Blooming into a beautiful flower, with petals of lights and stars.

I wonder, how the fragments of my heart seek the unknown. I feel a longing, a thirst that can’t be quenched. Ever.

This soul, this old delicate soul, finds its answer cloaked inside the pulse of the universe.

It’s only me and you.

It’s the sky, the sea,

the mountain, the dew.

It ages, it expands.

It grows, it blooms.

Like the spring, every moment,

The old leaves,

To make a place for the new.

Today I want to tell the truth I have discovered about the universe, our beloved companion of becoming. The truth is, the universe knows everything. Every little things came on our way, we are facing right now, and, will come in our way of life. The universe writes our story, perhaps, it had already written the story of you and me, before our births.

It knew that one day, we will meet this way. You will tell me your story, while walking along the road of wholeness, how you faced adversity. You failed, you broke. You cried, you screamed, then screamed louder. And at the end, you became silent. Moreover, became an isolated silence. Amidst the crowd of chaos and confusion, noise and nuisance, you became an anonymous island of void and silence.

The universe knew, this way, you will learn all the important lessons of life, you left while studying your books. It wanted you to break yourself into pieces, and let them shattered on the ground. So that when you will bow to pick them up, once again, you will bow to the omnipresent. You will pray, you will ask for the light. And you will realize, where the light truly resides.

And thus, one day, you become an epitome of grace, beauty and wisdom. The universe will make you believe in power of dreams, resilience and stillness.

Perhaps, the universe wrote your story this way, wishing that one day, the fireball will become a flame, holding a promise for the light of tomorrow.

For the universe,

A Fireball


  1. Jyoti Jha says

    I was mesmerized by this Swarnali! Very moving! “The Universe is Me”, yes indeed, after all, we are made up of the elements of nature. The Universe knows everything and the only way to connect with it, is through the power of silence. Every seeker would soulfully connect to your writeup. Splendid!

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Absolutely Anupriya. We forget this always that everything is already written in the universe. Thanks for reading my letter. I am back to reading from today. Good morning 🍀💐


  2. That was a much needed reminder and extremely motivational. The universe is me and it is silence which helps us discover the flame. Beautiful as always

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      It means a lot to me Sir. Thank you so much!! But what kind of mystic contemplations are you talking about Sir? I am very keen to know! Please tell me.


  3. Dashy says

    The universe is indeed this wandering, seeking soul inside us. Yet another spiritually powerful letter. ❤

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  4. Yeah! Universe writes our story according to what we gave to it. The universe is me, what we will get receive in the same or sometimes in the bigger proportion. Alarming time!


  5. Anagha Yatin says

    From fireball to the sublime light that brightens the darkest areas of existence is all but the journey of life, I suppose; a journey from me as this physical body to me as entire universe itself. How profound, Swarnali.

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  6. Beautiful – especially the part on breaking apart so you can become whole. There is a card in the Tarot deck – the tower – which embodies this quite well. It shows the tower crumbling because sometimes the slate needs to be wiped clean before the new story can be written.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Yes aunty I write whatever I have gone through, whatever I learned in between. Thank you so much for giving me the love and support always. It means a lot truly. Bless me 🙏🏻🌼


  7. The universe and the human soul are the same. They come from the same place and meet often. They have no life or death yet they are everything. Trust the Universe to help you find the best. Hugs. ❤

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      The feeling is mutual Purba. You always inspire me to write more. Thanks for reading my letter. And I really love we became friends this way. Means much! 🙂🌼🌷


  8. Wow-what a post. I will be true when I say that I didn’t believed in depth of power of the universe so much until recently a dear friend made me believe. I do believe we are all made of these elements but meeting someone never had clicked me. I now trust the universe and whatever it brings in our lives. I loved your belief poem and every word of it. I’m sure the universe only had conspired that I’m reading this awesome post of yours.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Wow, what a response. You made my day dear Pragun. Thank you so much for reading it so beautifully. Means a lot. 🙂🌼🌼


  9. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says

    Your post has remind me a conversation with my brother long ago..he has explained the power of universe and all happening around it with scientific explanations..indeed universe know everything..again an inspiring and motivational post dear Swarnali.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Thank you so much Dr. Surbhi. I am interested to know your brother’s thoughts too. Please let me know what he told you. I will be waiting to hear you. 🙂


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