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Believe in the power of Resilience

Sometimes, you reborn to reinvent yourself and redefine your life.


Today I call you, Undaunted. For I believe, you are unbreakable, unstoppable. Every time you fell, you dared to rise, once again. Every time you broke, you picked all the shattered pieces from the ground and then made a new collage. Of you, of life. Every time you failed, you learned to grow from your mistakes. Every dreams you lost in the road of becoming, you built a new one.

You know seeker, there lies an amazing power in words begin with Re. Like Rebirth, Renew, Redefine, Rewrite, Remake, and so on. Of them all, for me, the most powerful is the word Resilience. If you can embrace the power of resilience, you can win over every failures you face in life.

Sometimes, you reborn to redefine your strength and courage. To rewrite your destiny, to re-script your life’s story. You reborn, to rediscover the newer self of you. Today’s challenges could be turned into tomorrow’s triumphs, all you need is to rethink and recreate the plan. If you succeed this way, you will be successful to rebuild your life, once again.

One day, I heard a whisper, and I realized the power of resilience. Here is the story I witnessed:

“Move..move..this is the moment, fly..”

I was hearing a sound within, something like, a whisper,

A voice, from the far..

Someone was calling me inside.

I wanted to stretch my wings, but I felt a dying pain,

They were broken, but still, alive.

I wanted to scream, the pain was high.

A darkness covered me, I looked at the sky.

I heard that voice again, it whispered again,

“Move..You have the wings my dear, At least, for once, try..”

I closed my eyes, breathed a deep, and replied, “Yes”.

With my feet upon the sky, I started, to fly..

Just think for once, about the bird with broken wings. It would have stopped fighting with destiny to fly again, it would have welcomed the defeat when its wings broke. But instead, it tried once again. It tried to gather all the power and try to stretch the wings, and this time, with more courage. Before going to take the first step, it closed eyes, and breathed a little deeper. Then reminded of all the road it has already travelled, withstanding the storm. The bird recalled the power of resilience. And wanted to try, one last time, again. With all the experience and perseverance, it stretched its wings. And this time, the sky ushered the blessing upon it, and finally, the bird could fly.

Such is the power of resilience, the power of broken wings. A beautiful magic lies inside suffering and fighting. Enduring all the pain and forgetting the darkest nightmare, the daybreak still comes. A splendid one, with a thousand blazing suns.

For the power of resilience,

An Undaunted


Hi there! I am Swarnali, a bohemian writer who loves to explore the treasures of life. I strongly feel that words can heal, they are meditative. Words bear the light, and I try to spread that light through my words. This is a little journal where I write and curate all the beautiful little things we have around us. Welcome to my universe. Pause. Breathe. Heal.


  1. Jyoti Jha says

    I eagerly wait for your posts Swarnali! They are so serene, peaceful and send positive vibes. Amazing piece yet again. Redefining Life is what it is! Thank you for this beautiful write-up.

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  2. Dashy says

    Resilience, I don’t think I’ve appreciated the word enough before reading your post. Your words soothe like a sweet melody. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Resilience is not my core strength though I am consciously working to get better at it. I had assumed rejuvenate to be today’s word but you surprised me pleasantly with this.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Haha, glad I surprised you today! Thank you for reading my letter. 🙂 I had been experiencing resilience since 2015.


    • Swarnali Nath says

      Yes, use the re words to recreate everything. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Anagha Yatin says

    From the ashes rises the phoenix goes the saying. That phoenix can be me, you or every other person who believes in self and dares to fly back.
    A very powerful at the same time very assuring and soothing verse in the post, Swarnali.

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    • I loved the poetry with the fighting spirit. Daily you come with a positive vibe. I am a bit flexible with certain things and try to mould ourself according to the situations.

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      • Swarnali Nath says

        Wow, that’s great to hear that you’re flexible to fit in any situation. You’re blessed Deepika. Thanks fr reading my letter.


  5. So thoughtful piece of write up Swarnali, you made me realize how a prefix “Re” can create a magic in every next moment and gift us a second chance to work on in a more better way on our failures.

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