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Ask The Question

What are you born for? To walk, to see, to breathe?

Or, to dance, to sing, to dream?


Today I call you, Question. For I know, your life, your journey and you, all of them belong to a question. You are the journey, you are the destination. You are the question, and, the answer resides within you. Before going to write this letter to you, let me ask you something first.

How far can you go for a question? A question that makes you restless, a question that becomes your life, your dream, and the answer of the question becomes your ultimate destination of the journey. A question, your heart whispers to you but you always end up having no answer.

Have you ever asked such a question to life?

Seeker, all the answers lie within you. The answer is, you are destined to the question. It’s more than something you search for. It’s the quest of your soul, the longing of peace.

What is the purpose of your life. Sometimes, you may ask this question to yourself.

“Who am I? What is my purpose of life?” You must have questioned to yourself. Not only a single time, but, a hundred times, over and over. “Where do I belong?” You might have wondered, “What is the reason behind my failure?” You might have asked. I would love to tell you, seeker, one truth is you are unaware of. That, all the answers lie within you. Yes, you have to seek the answers inside your heart, and some day, there will be a voice, answering you all of them. For I believe, you have it all within you. You belong here, just where you are standing right now. May be devastated, may be a failure, or may be, wandering like a nomad. Seeking for the answers, who are you, what is the purpose of your life. But you have the light in your heart, for the light will guide you towards the purpose you actually hold.

One thing I am going to tell you today. Finding purpose in life is as hard as simple, as difficult as easy. You might be perplexed, aren’t you? Yes I know, I vexed with you and the question you are seeking. But it’s the reality, seeker. You have not only a single purpose in life, but a sea of purposes, for you hold a myriad of perspectives towards the life. You might have lost the way you were walking in the past, it was destined to a planned destination. But the road is lost, not the light. You still have the light in your heart, and you still breathe. To turn your every piece of failures into a new collage of success, to make your every mistakes count for the lessons you have learnt from going through them.

Look beyond, just like the horizon where the sky meets the sea, you have millions of brilliant purposes in life. They may be seem small to you, but as I always say, all the little beautiful things hold something beautiful, something magical in them. They can create magic, if we see them with a closer view. When you look for new purposes in life, there will be many voices to direct you. You have to find what gives you solace, what keeps your faith and what helps you to discover the real self of you. The voice will echo your inner beauties, and strengths. You will find the purpose of your life.

For the longing of the soul,

The Quest


  1. Completely agree!! Sometimes, we need to find answers within ourselves only. Every small thing can turn out to be meaningful if we look carefully. Let’s find out the purpose of our life in the smallest things. How true!!

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  2. Well said Swarnali that, “You have not only a single purpose in life, but a sea of purposes“, Asking question is the only way to know the purpose of your presence, once you know the purpose of your life you can never lose your track.

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  3. Yeah! We can find every answer in our inner consciousness. It never directs to you wrong. Believe in that. How beautifully you questioned about life and its worth?

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  4. Jyoti Jha says

    Oh, we all have millions of purposes in life…only if we could become aware and fulfill at least some! Brilliantly written Swarnali! Seeking answers within, and finding meaning in every little detail is of utmost importance. Loved it!

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  5. Dashy says

    I love how you said that we have a sea of purposes in life, not a single one. That makes sense. Indeed, we have the answers within us. If only we could understand them! 🙂

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Yes, we know it but still we ignore the truth. Thanks for reading my letter dear.


  6. Absolutely Swarnali. The answer lies within us. I so agree. We are mostly looking for answers outside whereas all our doubts and our questions can be best resolved only by us.

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  7. Your post reminds me of the story of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna. The abundance of questions building up within had led Swamiji to interact with Ramakrishna after none of the learned people could give him satisfactory answers. We need questions for our enlightenment. We’ll thought of, Swarnali.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      I was inclined to write about the quest.. But it needs to be very mindful and deep thoughts. My ambience was quiet chaotic, that’s why ended up with only Question. 🙂


  8. Madhu Bindra says

    Another good one, beta. We are afraid to ask questions, even from ourselves. The answer lies within. We need to know that.

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  9. We have so many questions and the best part is all the answers lie within. So beautifully you have explained this profound truth in your letter dear 💛

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  10. Seek an answer within you and you will know everything in the Universe. I suppose it is easier said than done but the great men have achieved it.
    Thoughtful and beautiful, as always. 🙂


  11. Thoughtful and beautiful as always, dear.
    Seek answers within you, for your soul knows far more than you think. Let the Universe guide you to find the way. 🙂

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  12. You are the journey, you are the destination.

    This line of yours stole my heart, it really means so much if we dare to understand. Yet another powerful post buddy

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  13. Anagha Yatin says

    “The road is lost and not the light”. Such a positive reinforcing thought, Swarnali.
    It’s true that everyone questions one’s very own existence and the purpose of such an existence. this doubt recurs to me time and again. Only to find a new direction in life. I agree with you, when you say that its not just one reason but a multiple of reasons why one exists. Each and every reason makes its presence felt at the appropriate time in the entire lifetime.

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Yes Anagha. I felt it. Though I also feel low sometimes, but it’s the fact. Thanks for reading my letter. 🙂


  14. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says

    I completely agree with you swarnali that most of us did not find the true purpose of our life and often had tons of questions regarding our journey and our existence. it is true that all answers are lies within us and our inner voice in most powerful and beautiful thing that can guide and enlighten us. another beautiful piece dear.

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  15. Though your purpose can change throughout your life, but if you have clarity of thought… you will be able to achieve your purpose for life. I remember reading this equation….
    What you love to do + What fills you with a deep curiosity and interest + Values and beliefs = Purpose.
    Thank you for this thoughtful and thought provoking post!

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  16. I am in love with these simple and so important life lessons you write about. I completely agree with you that the answers are within us and we need to find our purpose. Lovely read as always

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  17. “You have to find what gives you solace, what keeps your faith and what helps you to discover the real self of you. The voice will echo your inner beauties, and strengths”….how true… Simply loved these lines!! Indeed all the answers of the questions do lie within us… !!

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