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Pause, Breathe, Feel the Now

In this moment, you will find, a drop of eternity.


Today I call you, Bliss. For this moment, you are an epitome of love, grace and bliss. This moment, you are the whisper of silence and an absolute peace. This moment, you are a drop of eternity.

When the mind is making too much noise, and you are living amidst the chaos and confusion, life seems nothing but a misery. But when you sit in solitude and begin to hear the silence, you will find life is a melody. All you seek is hiding within you. Life is a celebration, and you are a great artist, leaving your footprints on earth, with your masterstrokes on the canvas of life.

Seeker, the past is a collection of memories we love to frame in our album of life, and the future is a promise of oblivion. We can’t rewrite the past and we are completely unaware of what tomorrow holds for us. All we can, is to live in this moment only. To script this present moment and live in it to the fullest.

Focus on now. Your focus should be on the present moment, on your own self and people around you. When you will be fully present on this moment only, you could think of the burden you are bearing now. You may ask to yourself, what is the reason behind all the burdens of misery I am bearing, do they actually hold any purpose, at all? Why to continue this struggle with the world, with my own self? You could feel a deep longing and void inside you, but just ask for at least once, “What is this sea made of, I am floating now?”

The answer comes, “It’s now. It’s the magic of this moment, you are living this moment to the fullest. Live it, celebrate this momentary escape from the world.”

Let yourself fall into the void, dive deep, deeper, and deeper. You will find some treasures there, those belong to you. Each moment holds something for us, seeker, just try to find it. This moment, right where you are standing now, this Now, holds something beautiful, only you can’t see it. All the beauties can’t be seen in the envelop of chaos, walking on the way of life. Some beauties love to remain veiled, and they wait for the right moment, when you will lift the veil. Pause, and inhale the serenity this moments holds. Embrace this Now.

Say yes to the present. Surrender yourself to the Now, and try to recreate this present moment with an absolute calmness in heart. Inhale deeper, and embrace the serenity within.

Finding yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of the noise is hard, but once you find it, you will find the peace within. And you will live a life celebrating whatever little you have. Hold this moment before it leaves. And write your name on it. Right here, right now.

Let the flame of this moment bring peace, smile and hope for tomorrow.

For the power this moment holds,

A Believer In Now


  1. Dashy says

    Even the way you end your article is so beautiful! Like they say, Carpe Diem, seize the moment. Believe in now. ❤

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  2. Jyoti Jha says

    “Live in the moment and celebrate the momentary escape from the world”! Superb. Loved this another gem from your collection. You write so well and your posts touch the strings of the heart Swarnali!

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  3. There’s peace in believing in now. This post resonates so well in the current situation. Love the contrasting peace in this line- Let the flame of this moment bring peace, smile and hope for tomorrow.
    Just beautiful!

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Thanks for reading my letter so beautifully 😍 Means a lot Sri 🙂💐


  4. Madhu Bindra says

    I really liked it, beta. People are always in a rush. Living in the past or worrying about the future. Very few manage to live in the now.

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  5. What a piece yet again buddy! Yes this is tome that we use our masterstrokes to weave absolute bliss for ourself. Somehow your articles always have what I feel about a certain thing too 😊

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      I love to hear from you Roma. Thanks for reading my letter so beautifully. Means much 🙂💐


  6. Your letter is for all the souls who are facing a lot of anxiety in this lockdown. Your words are so healing and soothing dear. Thanks a lot for spreading so much of love and light ♥️

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    • Swarnali Nath says

      Thank you for reading my letters so beautifully dear. Means much! 💐


  7. Anagha Yatin says

    Life as you said, indeed is a melody. However it does get lost in the cacophony of past and wistfulness of the future. A moment of solitude, the practice of being in present can bring the melody to fore.
    Well said Swarnali.

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  8. Live in the now. How important it is. We are mostly lost in our past or thinking of the future. Living in the present is so important. Thanks for sharing such an important message Swarnali.

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  9. Again a lovely post from my talented friend. I really feel we all should learn to live in the moment and enjoy the present because that is a gift. Thank you for writing such positive and inspiring posts

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  10. This post reminded me of a book I had read sometime in the past “The power of Now”….loved these lines in your post “But when you sit in solitude and begin to hear the silence, you will find life is a melody”

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  11. Great message, there is nothing wrong to pause or take a break. Agree, think and live the present future will be automatically changed. And for past we can’t help it now so chill and take lessons from that instead of worries.

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