Mandala Art, An Artistic Way To Express The Meditative Mind

Ganesha Mandala Art By Saheli Nath

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “magic circle”. Nearly every culture uses mandalas or circular image in their cultural or spiritual practices. A mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. Mandala art is ancient more than 2,000 years old! Mandalas are incredibly versatile and can personify any number of meanings for the viewer.  Sometimes words are not enough to express what we know deep within our core being. Mandala art can give us that access and expand our self-awareness.

Our emotions sometime throw us into chaos and nothing makes sense. At these times, we often need to find a center amid the confusion, a way to pull together the scattered parts of life and find order.

Celebrated Swiss psychologist Carl Jung saw mandalas as representative of the unconscious self.

“When I began drawing the mandalas, I saw that everything, all the parts I had been following, all the steps I had taken were leading back to a single point- namely, the midpoint. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all the parts. It is the path to the center to individuation.”  Carl Jung

Awareness of the mandala may have the potential of changing how we see ourselves, our planet, and perhaps even our own life purpose.

— Bailey Cunningham

How to Draw Your Own Mandala:

Designing your own mandala is a beautiful way of entering an altered state of consciousness. Benefits include an increased sense of wellbeing, calmness, clarity, emotional stability, wholeness, creativity and understanding.

A piece of paper or visual diary

Pencil, permanent marker and eraser

Optional: ruler, compass and protractor for drawing lines and circles (otherwise you can draw them organically by hand)

Optional: coloring pencils, watercolor paints or oil pastels

Get comfortable — find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax. Being interrupted might cut your creative flow.

Create a purpose — in other words, what is the intent behind your mandala? Do you want to simply express your unconscious mind, or do you have a more specific intention such as creating a meditation aid? Perhaps you might even want to creatively express feelings such as anger, love or gratitude?

Draw whatever comes to mind using a lead pencil that can be freely erased. You might like to use a compass, protractor and ruler or free-hand draw your designs.

Mandalas are all about symmetry, so it helps to split your page into two. Whatever you draw on one side, draw on the other. This creates balance.

If “mental chatter” enters your mind, stop, breathe and let it pass. Once you’ve reconnected with your creative juice, you can continue drawing.

the sacred circle has been apparent in nature, religious art and spiritual rituals since the dawn of time. Circles will always be symbolic of oneness and thus appeal to our deeper understanding of truth, completion and joy.

3 Ways to Use Mandala’s for Healing:

1) Mandala Meditation

Choose a Mandala that appeals to you. You may find it easier to select a Mandala if you take a moment to set your intention for your healing first.

2) Creating a Mandala

Creating your own Mandala can be a very healing experience. Creating your own Mandala can be a very healing experience. Use your intuition to guide you as to what medium you want to use for your Mandala.

3) Coloring a Mandala

There are some beautiful Mandala sketches available for download or for purchasing online.

Think about your intention and then choose a Mandala accordingly. Once you have your Mandala, select the color theme. Allow your intuition to guide you. Perhaps also think about the spiritual significance of colors in your life, in nature and in the chakras.

Take a moment to clear your mind and honor your intention. Begin coloring your Mandala, using whatever medium you desire such as paints, crayons, water colors etc. Focus on your intention and remain open to the healing you may receive.

Colours Meanings:

 Red Strength, more energy and passion

Pink  Love, femininity and intuition

Orange     Creativity, self-awareness, intuition & transformation

Yellow       Wisdom, learning, laughter and happiness

 Green      Physical healing , psychic ability, nature and caring

 Blue Emotional healing, inner peace and meditation

 Purple       All things spiritual, for spiritual focus

Black         Deep thinking, mystery and individuality

So, without thinking twice, start your own way of expressing your mind through pencil and colours. Create your own magic circle, today.

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