The Broken Star


– The Series Of Being And Becoming

Chapter 2 – The Broken Star

I see, some broken stars. Lying here alone, on the ground. Homeless, like orphan, they are seeking home.

Sometimes, the star gets broken and fall on earth. The pieces get shattered on the ground. Dreams are lost. Yet, they are alive, awaken. Shining from within. I feel, they are enlightened. It does not matter, how many pieces you are broken into. Remember, all of them is you. Every pieces belong to you. You shine, still. You breathe, you dream, you feel. For in every pieces of you, there is an echo of the light. The lost light.

The light, you were searching for so long. The light, you had lost, long ago. You thought there would be no light, again in your life. But, it was there. Always, shining from the veil of darkness. Yes, the darkness you were wrapping yourself with, was the biggest lie of your life. Because you were always been directed by the light, towards the light. You couldn’t see it.

You know why we have brokenness in our life? Because sometimes, the universe wants to send a message to its beloved children of earth.  As I have said earlier, the message is, you are blessed to turn your scars into the glory.

Brokenness is a blessing in disguise.

It comes to our life to test the power of resilience we behold within us. We bear a light inside the soul. And this delicate soul, could be turned into a fierce warrior when the destiny gives us a chance to reveal the most powerful fighter we have within us. Believe me, you have it all within you.

The power, the light.

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