Brokenness, A Blessing From the Universe

When you are living with your wholeness, have you ever tried to look into the farthest corner inside your soul? What’s hiding there, for years? What’s that treasure that is hidden for long, within you? Never, you have never tried to know. You were happy with the way you were living your life. Joyous, charming. Conquering all over, winning all the hearts, surrounded by an invisible awe for you. Wherever you went, you were shining with your own light. Whatever you wished, the universe gifted to you. The universe is kind, she granted all your prayers.

But what happened when you did not receive the love you prayed for? The one you loved most, became the curse for you? You loved with your whole, you believed in your wholeness. You gave your precious heart to him, and what did he gifted you in back? A lifelong hatred. You were betrayed, you were deceived. You were hurt, you were broken.

Brokenness is a blessing in disguise.

Life is cruel, it’s harsh. When it hurts you with its hardest weapon, you are broken into thousand pieces. Is it the most painful situation when people get broken? Yes, you might have thought it, again and again. A hundred times, a thousand times. But dear, it’s not the worst to get people broken. I have read many stories of brokenness, where life put an end to their life. Someone lost his only biological sister in a devastating flood, someone lost her husband due to a fatal accident. I have read a story, where the father was telling that he was witnessing his only son’s radiation, days after days, and praying for his recovery. One day, a close friend of mine, was telling me how she lost her two years old daughter who were suffering from a life threatening disease. I know someone, who lost her stillborn child, at the edge of life. She was about to give birth to her first child, the dream she had woven around that angel, for months and years, was about to come true. Very soon, only a week away. But, the dream paused. And she gave birth a stillborn.

I find, something is amazing for these wonderful people. They broke, they fell, they cried, they died. But sitting on the floor, watching the shattered pieces of their soul, they decided to rise, again. They collected all of them, made a wonderful collage and started dreaming, once again. This dark phase will leave a scar behind, to remind them, how strong they had been, how strong actually they are.


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