Love Yourself

Love Yourself. Only two words, and twelve letters. But how many of us know the art of self-love? How many of us could love ourselves for all the little beauties we have, instead of hating ourselves for all the things we have skipped? Most of us keep cursing our fate for all the miseries we have in our life. Even, sometimes, I do. All of us do. It’s obvious, as we are human beings and we have certain expectations from life. We hate us for not being someone like him or her, for not doing the works they have done, for not reaching the great extent they have ascended already. And for all of them, of the blank spaces of our life belongs to the one, our fate.

Even I have become a puppet of the destiny. I have done my schooling with the best report cards, and finished my Engineering securing good marks and descent grades. After that, I am dwindling between what I am doing right now and what I really want to do.

Life is unpredictable, and it takes series of tests. I have gone through a long chain of failures since I have passed out college. But all the failures are making me stronger, braver.

Even I hate myself sometimes. I curse my fate for being rude to me. I deny to accept the harsh truths of life. They are obvious. Obstacles are inevitable in life. But, I have realized one thing in this process. It’s very clear, very easy. I have to love myself.

But, it’s much easier to say than done. For this twelve words, “Love Yourself”, you have to keep faith on the almighty, and, you have to believe yourself. You have the power within you. The power, that makes you stronger than ever. Try to sum up all the little beauties you have. Yes, you are beautiful. Though you have scars, but they shine brighter in the darkness, and make you more beautiful. They are the messengers of the journey you have left behind. They are your pride, your glory. Love yourself, and write your own story.

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