14th May, 6:30 AM, Banaras

“Everything ends here”, the boatman whispered.

I was having an early morning ride in the river. We reached to the famous Manikarnika ghat. A man set fire on the funeral pyre. My heart became heavy after witnessing such a ceremony. It reminded me the most forgetful truth of life.

“But, it’s also true, a new journey starts here”, he said, again.

I turned back to him, but he kept gazing at the blazing fire.

He continued, “The soul departs for a new journey, leaving this cage of the body alone. But, the journey, never ends, until the soul is liberated to the eternity. Here in Banaras, we believe, departure is a new beginning, too.”

I turned my eyes to the river, where a flock of birds was flying, carefree, liberated. Our boat ride continued, but his words kept humming as an echo in my ears,

“The journey never ends..

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